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The feel good company that’s all about the uplifting power of group singing and dancing!

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Shiny Happy All-Inclusive Choir

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Our collaboration with Skills and Volunteering Cymru provides a much needed opportunity for people with a wide range of disabilities to express their creativity and talent. Whether this is through using the voice to sing, the body to move to the beat or playing along with a percussion instrument, all is an important part of our choir. Regular performances are helping to build confidence in attendees; the boost they are given through the enthusiasm of an appreciative audience is immeasurable. These free weekly sessions are held at V21 Fairwater and give an often marginalised group of society the chance to shine.

Disco for Adults with Additional Needs

Adults with additional needs
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Our weekly term time disco for adults with additional needs is a funded collaboration with Skills and Volunteering Cymru and Innovate Trust and has been running with great success since 2021.

It's a joyous weekly event with plenty of action songs, themed weeks (which give attendees an opportunity to dress up) and a range of props and instruments so that those who are non verbal can join in with the fun. Not only do we all have a great time but the support workers get an hour to relax and soak up the happy atmosphere too. We also have wonderful volunteers who join in with fabulous commitment and energy.

Parent & Baby Sessions

Parent & Baby
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Our parent and baby sessions focus primarily on the adults having a great, mood lifting experience; a happy parent makes for a happy child!  So join us, let loose and rock out to a playlist of uplifting, epic pop beats, or sit back and relax whilst we entertain your little ones with sensory lights, musical instruments, bubbles, puppets, and even more exciting surprises!

Whether your baby is new-born or ready for preschool, our sessions are perfect for them.  You can find us at a variety of venues with our weekend pop up family disco and other sessions.

Sessions for Children with Additional Needs

Children with additional needs

(Awaiting Permission for Session Photos)

Music For Wellbeing
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Music is a great leveller as we have seen through our involvement with children with additional needs. We have held  events at Meadowbank Primary, and at Ty Gwyn Special School we run weekly sessions with both the junior and senior children who have a wide range of disabilities. These sessions are truly rewarding for all who attend, including us and the staff. 
We are always looking for new opportunities to develop our work in this area so if you are a parent of a child with additional needs or work in a school please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Music & Social Events for Wellbeing

(Awaiting Permission for Session Photos)

(Awaiting Permission for Session Photos)

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Whether you are a group of friends looking for a life affirming experience or a business in need of a morale boosting event, we are the perfect pair of effervescent women to provide it!

Group singing releases those feel good hormones and if you add in a bit of a boogie then you've got the perfect combination to positively affect both mind and body.

Children's Choir

Children's Choir
About Us
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Following on from the success of our Rhiwbeina Primary School we are thrilled to be launching the community based SHINY HAPPY KIDS CHOIR in September 2024. Music, inclusivity, wellbeing and confidence building is at the core of everything that Shiny Happy People is about, and we can't wait to get the kids singing. The upbeat, all inclusive, pop based choir is aimed at 8-12 year olds and is all about having fun!

About Us

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I’ve had a varied career in Theatre and Television from my first professional job as a dresser on “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” to Art Director on “Rosie and Jim” with many other roles in between.

I got into singing when I joined Superchoir, having always been a backstage lass I surprised myself by how much I loved not only the group singing but the performance side of things. I think I’d always been a bit of a show off and secretly loved the limelight! Singing with the choir led to me working for Goldies Cymru - a charity who aim to combat loneliness and isolation in the elderly through getting together to sing hits of their youth. Then in 2017 we launched Shiny Happy People - Boom! I would say 'and the rest is history' but SHP is continually evolving and keeping us challenged and, most importantly, happy.

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Having worked in the music and theatre industry for over 20 years and leading community and workplace choirs for 10 of those, I am super passionate about the power of singing, and doing it with others is a great way to support your wellbeing whilst having a fabulous time!

In 2016 I was a mum of 2 under 2, on maternity leave, and really struggling with postnatal anxiety. I’d lost a sense of who I was and was really missing singing. Attending baby groups was a great way to meet other parents, however I missed the joy of belting out some great pop tunes in the company of others. Whilst crying over a bottle of wine with Kate one evening I mentioned the idea of setting up a parent and baby singing group with the focus being on the parent- and so the SHP journey began!

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SHP In Action

Disco for adults with additional needs

Video by Fullhouse Productions

All-inclusive choir

'Bella Mama' performance from home

Contact Us

For any inquiries or queries, don't hesitate to get in touch.



Mobile No (Stef):

07904 685463

Mobile No (Kate):

07827 980667

Contact Us
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